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Event:  2018 Esri Partner Conference
Event Dates:  Saturday, March 3, 2018 08:00 AM -
Monday, March 5, 2018 05:00 PM
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. AWS offers over 100 fully featured services for compute, storage, databases, networking, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, security, hybrid, virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), media, and application development, deployment, and management from 49 Availability Zones (AZs) across 18 geographic regions. Millions of active customers trust AWS—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—to power their infrastructure, make them more agile, and lower costs. To learn more about AWS, visit
122Join the revolution in field data collection, mapping, and analysis. Affordable, intuitive handheld tablets and Bad Elf GNSS accessories can replace expensive, outdated single purpose collection devices.
131Citilabs is a global provider of mobility analytics for businesses and government agencies. Citilabs provides a comprehensive suite of solutions including Streetlytics, the first comprehensive picture of population movement in America. Streetlytics pulls real information from billions of points of GPS, cellular, connected car, Bluetooth, ticketing, demographics, and ground truth data to paint the richest, most complete picture of the moving population.
139con terra stands for forward-looking Geo-IT solutions and innovative products. We create competitive advantages for our customers in both the private sector and public agencies and achieve sustainable added value. We do this by systematically integrating spatial referencing in business processes. As a member company of the Esri Deutschland Group, our activities are based on the ArcGIS system, to which we systematically add further products and technologies as and when appropriate.
125CoreLogic (NYSE: CLGX) is a leading property information, analytics and solutions provider in the United States and Australia. The company's combined data from public, contributory and proprietary sources includes over 4.5 billion records spanning more than 50 years. CoreLogic serves the real estate, mortgage finance, insurance, capital markets, transportation and government sectors. The company, headquartered in Irvine, Calif., helps clients identify and manage growth opportunities, improve performance and mitigate risk. For more information, please visit
135Over the last 17 years, Digital Map Products has provided cloud-based location technology and data solutions for more than 1,000 businesses and government agencies. From turnkey mapping applications to custom data integration, Digital Map Products offers simple solutions to the toughest GIS challenges.
Z4Downtown.AI uses machine learning to predict the Human Landscape in the biggest cities around the world, answering the question where people are now, where they will be, and why. We generate predictions of the ‘human landscape’ by aggregating the location of millions of mobile devices every day. We correlate this data with demographics, events and other data sets, and use machine learning to find patters and generate forecasts. By providing human landscape predictions we assist businesses to predict customer demand, cities to manage and plan and emergency services to save lives.
136Eos Positioning Systems designs and manufactures the world’s premier, high-accuracy GNSS receivers for the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) market. We offer extensive support for connecting our Bluetooth submeter, subfoot and RTK GPS / GNSS receivers to iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Mobile devices. We support Collector for ArcGIS.
Z3Public Safety Solutions for the Modern Responder. Think of us as SaaS + SmartData + Emergency Response
Z9Learn how Local Gov’t, Fire Dept.’s. & Utilities leverage our technologies to regain control of wildfires. See the difference in our “structure outward approach” to wildfires. Expose your team, customers, or constituents to tools that translate into saving lives & valuable infrastructure. Real-time modeling, mitigation mapping, & proven fire line containment probability mapping solutions, all tested during the Thomas and Sonoma County Fires. Whether you are a potential user or ESRI partner, swing by and tell us how you want to make a difference in the fight against wildfires, we are listening.
132 GENEQ Inc. is the developer and manufacturer of the popular SXBlue GPS family of GNSS receivers. With revolutionary technology, these mapping-grade receivers are the first to achieve sub-meter accuracy in real time without post-processing. The iSXBlue receiver connects via Bluetooth to all Smartphones, PDAs, Tablets and Notebooks
113From our GEOPowered Cloud to custom solutions, GEO Jobe is committed to showing clients how geospatial thinking can guide them to save time, money, and make better business decisions. Founded in 1999, GEO Jobe (@geojobegis) is a geospatial industry leader that currently has the top three most popular apps in the ArcGIS Marketplace including Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online, Mapfolio, and MapLapse. Additionally, With a fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's, or drones) and 4 licensed pilots, GEO Jobe is now offering high resolution, low altitude orthophotography and 3D mapping services.
140Geocom is a leading supplier of commercial off the shelf infrastructure management solutions for managing utility networks, industrial plants and the transportation sector. The GEONIS solutions platform provides specific functional components required for your industry sector. Therefore, GEONIS is the perfect balance between standardization and flexibility, enabling partners and customers to port these functional components on practically any existing data model or as a ready COTS solution provided by Geocom.

Globolive3D creates cutting-edge, smart 3D building models for any city around the globe to enable visualization for better Insight, Planning, Analysis and Growth. Our high-resolution building models use a patented 3D modeling process that builds rich 3D model content using high-resolution satellite data. These “smart” models come with measurement data such as building height, roof slope, etc., that are ready to use for a variety of geospatial analysis applications. Stop by and Experience your World in 3D!

Z7GroundVu - imagery, 3d point clouds, and geo data as a service. Enterprise and professional GIS requires high quality, reliable rapid delivery of ArcGIS ready data. At GroundVu, we capture, process, and deliver high resolution imagery in 2d & 3d into organizations Portal for ArcGIS. Come learn about our work with Utilities, Local Governments, and other organizations dealing with large areas of interest covering hundreds and thousands of miles.
Z10Hangar, the world’s first robotics-as-a-system data acquisition platform, exists to serve and nurture an ecosystem of mobile robotics software, hardware, services and data for large enterprises and infrastructure owners. Our partners include hardware manufacturers of aerobotic drones, mobile robots, and sensor platforms; professional service providers including drones-as-a-service providers, robots-as-a-service providers, and data transformation innovators, computer vision, machine learning and analytics software firms.
SILVER-NBFrom data and analytics to actionable information, Harris Geospatial Solutions provides ArcGIS users with meaningful insights to make better decisions. With ENVI for ArcGIS, you can seamlessly integrate the most accurate geospatial analytics into your existing tools and Python workflows, and deploy these analytics within any ArcGIS environment. Now, ENVI also allows you to efficiently automate and deploy image processing tasks by building analysis models, allowing ArcGIS users to have a fully interconnected imagery analysis platform.

HERE enables people, enterprises and cities to harness the power of location. By making sense of the world through the lens of location we empower our customers to achieve better outcomes – from helping a city manage its infrastructure or an enterprise optimize its assets to guiding drivers to their destination safely. To learn more about HERE, including our new generation of cloud-based location services, visit and


ESRI and IBM have teamed up to deliver ArcGIS on IBM Cloud. Build and deploy your geospatial applications using Watson Data Platform on IBM Cloud. Watson Data Platform enables data scientists and data engineers to discover, refine, analyze and visualize their data, all in one place, without worrying about the infrastructure. IBM has integrated popular open-source tools and libraries such as Python and Jupyter notebook into the platform. Stop by IBM booth at EXPO to see a live demo.

121Spike is a smart laser measurement solution for all types of geospatial applications. With Spike, you can quickly measure the width, height, and area of objects, such as buildings or other assets, simply by taking a photo from your smartphone or tablet. In addition, you can measure the distance between two points quickly and safely capture a target's location, your location, and georeferenced image of the target. Data collected with Spike can be imported into GIS software including Collector for ArcGIS and Survey123 for ArcGIS. is a leading provider of professional real-time Indoor Positioning and Navigation solutions for mobile apps. These are available as an SDK and can easily be integrated into any existing Android and iOS app. The cutting-edge technology solutions are used across various industries ranging from healthcare institutions and transportation hubs to corporate campuses, event locations and many more. helps reduce stress, optimize workflows and increase ROI.
IndoorVu is a Indoor Mapping company that delivers a variety of GIS ready indoor data.
Z2iSpatial Techno Solutions specialized in delivering enterprise Geo Spatial solutions, We have successfully built Geo Smart rapid application development framework (SmartGeoApps), which will helps to build Smart web based mapping applications, Business System integrations, Geo BI analytical Dashboards, Smart IOT Analytics and Artificial Intelligent solutions. By using this Smart Geo Framework, we have delivered solutions for Government Sectors, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Transportation, Insurance, Property Development, Environmental, Educational and Health care verticals.
109Laser Technology Inc is the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative laser-based distance measurement instruments. We also specialize in tilt, compass and angle encoder sensors, allowing you to measure heights, bearings and angles. Integrate with your GPS/GNSS for laser offsets for our accurate data collection and increase field efficiency with the simple offset workflow. With LaserGIS for ArcPad®, you can streamline your workflow and collect field data faster and easier.
123Latitude Geographics Group Ltd. is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software development and services company. Latitude’s Geocortex products and solutions address common GIS application development challenges organizations encounter when deploying Esri web GIS technology. They offer pragmatic solutions to improve developer productivity, help solve complex business problems, and enable a better user experience.

M-Files provides a next generation intelligent information management platform that improves how businesses manage documents and other information by dynamically connecting structured and unstructured data with ArcGIS.  Simply select a map object to see all documents, and even non-document objects, related to the map point like accounts, clients, projects and processes.

GOLF1Serving the needs of global GIS market through focused and innovative solutions on ESRI Platform
138Sought after for innovative technology solutions, ROK provides your organization with premiere Location Analytics, Support, Cloud Managment, GIS Managed Services, Cloud Infrastructure and ArcGIS® for Server Hosting. We develop solutions based on customer needs and deliver within budget and on time. ROK exceeds expectations through our customer support, a legacy of long-term relationships, and over 50 years combined experience with geo-spatial information.
127Leading organizations in the newspaper, postal and parcel delivery, public works and utilities industries have to come to rely on RouteSmart Technologies to solve their complex routing problems. With an unrivaled combination of insight, experience, and industry specialization, RouteSmart Technologies has established itself as a leader in vehicle route optimization software technology for the community of clients we serve.
120Safe Software is the maker of FME®, the leading spatial data transformation technology that powers the ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension.
Z8SafeGraph is a location data company focused on providing a deterministic view on where people go. The entire SafeGraph data panel is based on GPS data that's been derived from apps whose users are sharing anonymized background location data. As of December 2017, SafeGraph sees over 9% of all active phones in the US (and 1-2% of devices in every country) on a daily basis with an average interval of 15 minutes. SafeGraph's customers and partners are using its data to understand retail foot traffic, develop smarter cities, build proprietary audience and attribution products, and much more.
As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is at the center of today’s business and technology revolution. SAP helps you streamline your processes, giving you the ability to use live data to predict customer trends – live and in the moment. Across your entire business. When you run live, you run simple with SAP.
Z6Maptiks gives companies rich insights about their web maps, their audiences and potential customers. Powerful, flexible and compatible with Esri technologies, web map analytics helps savvy web map developers and marketers find their user experience pain points for better conversions. State-of-the-art conversion attribution and testing tools help companies large and small build better user experience and maximize overall strategy.
SILVER-NB2TomTom created the easy-to-use navigation device, one of the most influential inventions of all time. Since then, our software and navigation technologies have been powering over hundreds of millions of applications across the globe. From industry-leading location-based products and mapmaking technologies, to embedded automotive navigation solutions; innovative personal navigation devices and apps to advanced telematics fleet management and connected car services. We continue to shape the future, leading the way with autonomous driving, smart mobility and smarter cities.
137Trimble Geospatial provides solutions that facilitate high-quality, productive workflows and information exchange, driving value for a global and diverse customer base of surveyors, engineering and GIS service companies, governments, utilities and transportation authorities. Trimble's innovative technologies include integrated sensors, field applications, real-time communications and office software for processing, modeling and data analytics. Using Trimble solutions, organizations can capture the most accurate spatial data and transform it into intelligence to deliver increased productivity a
The Master of Science in GIS Program is designed for professionals and recent graduates seeking to enhance their GIS knowledge.
117Voyager Search is a leading global provider of geospatial enterprise search solutions that enable a single point of search across all of your content repositories. With Voyager software, users can search, find, and deliver more than 2,000 types of content. Built on top of Solr/Lucene, the world’s premier open source solution, Voyager’s simple user interface, Navigo, offers Fortune 500 businesses, government entities, and multinational organizations easy-to-use search, data management, document delivery, and map visualization capabilities.
116WDT is a premium weather content provider offering historical, real-time, and forecast weather data. WDT's map, feature, and image services are all made available via the REST API for easy use and interaction in ESRI maps and applications. Typical users of WDT's data services come from the following industries: oil & gas, utilities, renewables, water resources, agriculture, and insurance.

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